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A picture of Christine and Joe in front of their RV.

January 16, 2001 to May 5, 2003

This is the stuff dreams are made of...


Please read below for "THE END"


As most of you know our travels have come to an end (at least for awhile).  The job search paid off and we are currently becoming comfortable in Dayton, OH where Christine is really enjoying her new job with Sinclair Community College and Joe is trying to get our rental house all straight and the RV and BMW sold.  We are in a cute area of Dayton and are enjoying the town atmosphere versus the city atmosphere of our Southern neighbor, Cincinnati.


And now, we welcome all the people we've been visiting to come visit us!  We look forward to continuing to hear from the new friends we made in our travels along with the many friends and family who have faithfully followed us for the past  2 1/2 years.  THANK YOU to all who supported our dreams and those who joined us in our travels.  Our emails have stayed the same and we welcome all contact.  This website will not continue to be updated except perhaps with new photos of family, friends, and short adventures.


07/28/03 - A surprise to many but, we really like Dayton.  Perhaps it is because we know we will not be here long term, but we have really made good friends and been able to enjoy the live music, many art functions, good restaurants, and good people that Dayton provide.  It is amazing how we are continually provided with good friends wherever we land.


02/08/04 - We are still enjoying Dayton, OH and happily, we have finally sold the RV.  Hopefully by the end of April we will know if Christine will have more job opportunities at Sinclair Community College or if we will be moving on again in June 2004.  Either way, life is good.


If you are new to this site, following you can find an introduction of our adventure:


On January 16th, 2001 we (Joe and Christine Lustik) sold our house in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We quit our jobs.  We sold both cars, and most of the items in the house.  We bid a fond farewell to the amazing neighborhood we lived in and friends we had made in Charlotte and drove off in the RV you see above.  This is something which we had planned for quite awhile, we just kept moving up the timeline.  After visiting our families, we headed out west to take advantage of winter for skiing. We are hoping to make this adventure last for about 2 years.   We plan to tour North America and beyond. 


On this website, you can follow our adventure; find the roads we loved to motorcycle or the restaurants, breweries, wineries we enjoyed  visiting; the hikes worth hiking and learn from our trials as we tour in all weather.


If you are new to us, you may learn a little about Joe and Christine by going to our Bio's.  Simply click on the bio which interests you. 

Joe Lustik's Bio

Christine Lustik's Bio


Notes:  Most pictures on this website are displayed as thumbnails for quicker loading.  To view larger pictures, simply click on the thumbnails.  Pictures of the sites we enjoy, can be found in the log and on the Outdoor Activities page.   Also, keep in mind this website will continue to change as it grows and our adventure continues.  Always be on the lookout for new pages and additions.


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