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Motorcycle Information

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On this page, we introduce you to one of our favorite forms of transportation, nothing against skiing, hiking and of course our beloved home.  We also, show you any modifications we've made to the motorcycle's to make them more perfect for us.

Joe's NEW Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FJR 1300
A picture of Joe's new Yamaha FJR motorcycle.  A picture of Joe's new Yamaha FJR motorcycle.


Joe took over his new Yamaha in November 2002, within 2 weeks he had put almost 2,000 miles on it.  He loves the bike and it all comes down to MORE POWER.


Joe's Motorcycle: 1996 BMW R1100 RT

A picture of Joe's old BMW R1100RT motorcycle.  A picture of Joe's old BMW R1100RT motorcycle, showing the control panel.


See Communication System below.

Christine bought me a Garmin GPS III Plus for Christmas in 1999.  I hadn't expected to have so much fun with this toy.  I installed a special mount on the motorcycle to hold this tiny GPS.  I also purchased the Garmin MapSource U.S. Roads and Recreation CD map set.  This permits me to download the COMPLETE road map of any county in the U.S., one county at a time.  Depending on the size of the county, the GPS can hold 8-12 counties at a time.  It's not as sophisticated as the RV's navigation system, but it's still a whole lot of fun.

Other upgrades include:

-Custom Saddle

-Throttlemeister throttle-lock

-Parabellum taller windshield

-Hyper-Lites flashing brake lights

-Rear locking top case


This motorcycle was sold in 2003.

Christine's New Motorcycle: Another 1994 Kawasaki Concours

Christine's Kawasaki Concours.

We bought another 1994 Councours on May 21, 2001.  Same color and year as the previous bike.  Details will be posted in July, when Joe will be able to "accessorize" the bike.


If you are new to this site and would like to read about the accident that caused the first Concours to be totaled, go to Joe's log, February 25, 2001.  


This motorcycle was sold in the Fall of 2003.  I never really got my confidence back and trust of other people back after the accident. 

Riding Apparel

Joe modeling the riding apparal we ride with on the motorcycle.

Helmets - Shoei RF-800 Full Face model.

Clothing - Joe Rocket Ballistic 3.0 Jackets and Pants.  Heavy Cordura Nylon with Kevlar reinforcement at the shoulders, elbows, knees, hips and seat.  Removable armor at the shoulders, elbows, and knees, and a padded armored spine protector for the back.  This is all-weather waterproof riding gear with full zip-out liners and ventilation points for warm weather.

Electric Vest - Widder electric heated vests with high collars.  The vests are powered off of the bike and provide a comforting amount of warmth even in the coldest of riding conditions.

The Communication System

I have installed the Autocom Pro 3000 communication system onto both bikes so that it is powered by the motorcycle.  This model permits the integration of music and a radar detector, of which I have both.  We have four headsets which have let us create a four-way conversation between both Christine and me, and our passengers. 


I chose the Kenwood FreeTalk XL radios to be the transceivers.  I am disappointed with the manner in which Kenwood supports their products, and would choose differently if starting over.  The FreeTalk XL is in the GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) family of radios.  These radios operate on between two and five watts of power, and offer a claimed range of up to five miles.  While the range of ours is a merely satisfactory two miles, the clarity of the voices is outstanding.


I installed a 200 watt Sony Xplod CD stereo onto the tank bag of my bike.  The Stereo is installed so that the speakers set into the dash of the motorcycle fairing are 'faded' as the front speakers, and the headset speakers mounted in the helmet are 'faded' as the rear speakers.  There is a separate control on the Autocom unit for fading between driver and passenger.  Christine's bike also has a Sony Walkman CD-player integrated into her intercom unit.


I also have a Cobra radar detector with voice alert integrated into the Autocom system.  My installation permits me to listen to music while conversing with Christine and/or a passenger, and also have my radar detector alert me through my helmet speakers simultaneously.  No small accomplishment.


If you have any questions about this website or want to contact Christine or Joe for any reason, please email us at or