Skiing 2009

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Introduction note: Christine tore her MCL in her right knee on our first day of skiing this season (Xmas eve), so we skied a bit less than usual. We still got quite a few days in, including our first ski trip to Lake Tahoe. Christine and I have also joined the National Ski Patrol, so we'll be regular ski patrollers next year at a local Wyoming ski area, Pine Creek.

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February 15, 2009 - Pahaska Teepee, WY
Christine & Joe, cross-country skiing at Pahaska Teepee, the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park.
Big horn sheep down from the mountains for the winter.
March 19, 2009 - Kirkwood, CA
Skiing with Nancy & Beth at Kirkwood, in California's Sierra Mountains.
March 20, 2009 - Heavenly, CA
Spring skiing at Heavenly, over Lake Tahoe. Joe with the ladies: Nancy, Myra, Beth, Kati, & Christine.
I don't have an explanation for this one. Out on the town in Lake Tahoe. I can't tell if Beth, Kati, & Christine are holding up the tree, or is the tree supporting them? Any way you look at it, they're a bunch of tree huggers.
April 4, 2009 - Pine Creek, WY
Private ski day for Ski Patrollers only at Pine Creek Ski Area, WY. (Marco, Lorna, Christine, & Kevin).
April 5, 2009 - The Canyons, UT
Christine hittin' the bumps on Saddleback at The Canyons.
Christine enjoying the powdery glades on Saddleback.
Lorna & Marco taking a breather.


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