Rowing on Flaming Gorge, 2005

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Introduction note:

Almost 10 months after coming to Wyoming and I have a boat.  Now the question is when will the water get warm enough?My new boat is a Filippi.  I bought it from a guy in Seattle.  It is almost 26 feet long.  So the question is where will we put it?  It rained for most of our trip back from Seattle, including the whole time we loaded the boat, so there are not many pictures of the trip, but the boat traveled well through everything.

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Finding a place to row was a bit of an adventure. The Green River flows right through our town, but is quite shallow with lots of bends. I may be able to row on it at times, but I'll have to explore that more before risking damage to my boat. The Flaming Gorge Reservoir is huge and has lots of places to put in, but often the shore drops off steeply and exposed areas are susceptible to heavy fluctuating winds. I came upon this beach at Firehole Canyon where the high bluffs help block the wind and keep the water calm. As with any recreation area, I still have to deal with rude powerboaters.

The car carries the boat easily.
You can see the car and the boat.
The Uinta Mtns loom over the Green River.
Christine returns.

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