Ode to Dayton

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Joe and Christine moved to Dayton, OH in May 2003.  Christine accepted a one year grant position with Sinclair Community College.  We did not have many expectations when we moved to Dayton other than we knew it would be near our friends and family in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.  

In one short year Dayton became a home full of amazing friendships and activities.  Turns out Dayton is a great town.  After living in many places the first thing that tipped us off to this was that most people were born and raised and stayed in Dayton.  After living a few places you recognize that as a sign of a good community.  In Charlotte, NC you are hard pressed to find people that are from Charlotte.

While in Dayton, Christine learned to row and to love rowing and also took up knitting.  Joe learned how to turn his violin into a fiddle and to enjoy playing and listening to bluegrass and Celtic music.

Dayton is home to more than a couple universities including University of Dayton and Wright State.  Dayton has a great music and arts scene that we fully enjoyed.  If anyone is looking to investigate or visit Dayton for any reason the Dayton Daily News website can provide you with a lot of information, Dayton Daily News.

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