Zion NP Slot Canyons - June 11-13, 2010

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Introduction note: We had such ambitious plans for this year's canyoneering trip to Zion National Park. We had permits to go through Imlay Canyon, one of the premier slot canyons in Utah, but the below sign says it all. The regulars: Dave, Jesse & Liem all came out from Dayton, Ohio again to join me and Marco.

Most of the great slot canyons in Zion NP end with a descent into The Narrows section of the Virgin River, followed by a long wade down river to the road where this sign is located. The recent rains and spring run-off resulted in the river flow reaching a 7-year high. The park was not issuing any permits for the slots we wanted to do. This really frustrated many of our plans. I guess we'll just have to put off Imlay Canyon until next year.

Friday, June 11 - We fought road closures and restrictions in The Narrows to drive all the way around through Cedar City to reach Birch Hollow, a slot outside the park, via North Fork Road. This slot was dry with some great rappels. We got through it pretty quickly by leap-frogging past a troop of slow moving Boy Scouts. We exited by hiking up Orderville Canyon annd then attempting a short-cut back to the car by undertaking a wicked scramble up a side canyon.

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Marco drops into the beginning of the canyon.
Followed by Jesse...
...Dave and Liem.
Jesse, Liem, Marco & Dave descend some short drops.
A Boy Scout troop waits to let us pass by them.
Dave descends a long rappel ...
... followed by Marco ...
... and Liem.
Jesse makes one of the last rappels ...
... beneath a chockstone ...
... with Dave following.

Saturday, June 12 - Being desperate for an alternate plan, we opted to go back to Pine Creek Canyon. We had enjoyed this slot last year, and it was one of few accessible this year with the road closures and restricted river access.

Jesse & Dave.
Liem & Jesse.
Dave, Joe, Liem, & Jesse.
Dave on the last rappel ...
... followed by Marco.

Sunday, June 13 - We skipped doing any slot canyons today, and instead joined the throngs of park visitors who climb the Angels Landing trail. It is a beautiful hike even with the crowds.

Sheer cliffs edge the trail.
View up-canyon toward The Narrows.
View down-canyon.
Marco, Liem & Dave.
Dave surrounded by strangers atop Angels Landing.
Joe atop Angels Landing.
Liem & Marco
An owl along the trail.




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