Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks - Oct., 2006

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Introduction note: Our close friends Teresa Marshall and Josh Cutler flew out from Wisconsin for a long weekend to visit the National Parks in southern Utah. Christine picked them up at the SLC airport and met up with Joe, Brad and Kirk near Zion on their motorcycles. We all rented a cabin up in the mountains at Duck Creek Village. The cabin put us in good proximity to the activities we had planned.

On our first full day together we all rented ATV's outside of Bryce Canyon and spent a half day doing an uptempo self-led tour of the lands just outside the boundary of Bryce Canyon National Park. The weather was perfect and we had a real blast tearing through the mountains and splashing through the mud. Kirk was the fastest on four wheels that day. Kirk climbed back on his motorcycle and returned to SLC early as planned, while the rest of us visited the park.

The next day greeted us with heavy morning rain, but we weren't swayed from our plans of visiting Zion National Park. It rained all the way there and then broke clear for us just after noon, as was predicted by a native-american park employee. The weather helped suppress the crowds at this often busy park. It was a great group and we had a great time.

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Brad, Josh, Christine & Teresa at Bryce Canyon. Bryce Canyon. Christine, Brad, Teresa & Josh. Bryce Canyon.
Joe at Bryce Canyon overlook. Bryce Canyon. Christine ATVing at Bryce. Joe ATVing at Bryce.
Josh, Teresa & Christine ATVing. Teresa, Brad, Josh, Kirk & Christine. Teresa, Christine, Brad & Josh at Zion. Weeping Rock at Zion.




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