Wyoming Range Camping - August, 2007

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Introduction note (by Joe): Christine and I joined our friends Phillip & Kathy Luzmoor for a long weekend camping trip near Middle Piney Lake in the Wyoming Range. This namesake mountain range for our state runs along the western edge of the state just south of the Tetons. It is rugged and spectacular, but lacks the cachet of the Tetons and the Wind River Mountains to the east. I was introduced to these mountains hunting for elk last year and fell in love with them.

Christine brought her boat along to row on Middle Piney Lake while Phillip and I were set to do some fishing. We also went on a 12-mile hike. Kathy brought her mountain bike for her own diversion. It truly is a mountain playground. There is a National Scenic Trail that runs 75 miles along the length of the Wyoming Range. After this weekend Christine and I are already planning an upcoming thru-hike of this Wyoming Range Trail.

Following are a few photos from our great weekend with our good friends.

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Phillip, Cocoa, Kathy & Christine on Fish Creek Mtn. ridge.
Joe, Kathy & Phillip with Middle Piney Lake below.
Phillip, Christine & Kathy descend to Middle Piney Creek.
Christine & Joe with Wyoming Peak (11,378') behind.
Joe & Christine rest at Upper Woheto Falls.
Christine rows on Middle Piney Lake. She's the white mark on the water in the third picture.



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