Sailing to The Bahamas - December, 2003

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Introduction note: Dr. David Martin of Abbeville, SC has a lovely 38' ketch-rigged Shannon sailboat. He keeps the boat in Charleston, SC during the summers and lets it winter down in the islands. I met Captain Dave through his son and have been fortunate enough to help crew the boat to or from the islands on three previous thrilling occasions. Accompanied by Alan Hughes and a newbie named Jason, this four-day trip was smooth and quiet all the way. It was so peaceful that we even speed-trolled for fish along the way, taking in a nice tuna that chef Jason grilled with some cashews for a tasty high seas meal.

We left Charleston in good weather and pointed the boat for the Abacos. We reached Green Turtle Key four days later and then motored over to Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco Island. There I flew back to Charleston and drove home. Previous trips had more excitement, but I always enjoy being out in deep water.

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Preparing to depart Charleston Harbour.
Joe & Alan questioning some instruction.
Captain Dave leaving Charleston Harbour.
Joe at the helm.
Joe preparing to fillet a freshly caught tuna.
Captain Dave at Green Turtle Key.
Captain Dave and crew: Joe, Alan & Jason.




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