Motorcycling with the Nephews - Summer, 2003

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Introduction note: Having just finished our two and a half year full-time travel adventure, Christine and I found ourselves settling down in Dayton, Ohio just up the road from some of my family. Located an hour south of us are two of my nephews, Preston & Evan Morse. I jumped at the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with them so I planned two separate motorcycle outings with the boys.

The first trip was with Evan. We rode into the heart of Kentucky to Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge State Park. We got a room at the park lodge and explored the natural bridges and the gorge.

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Evan under the Natural Bridge.
Evan with Natural Bridge behind.
Evan on bike at a tunnel entrance.

The second trip was with Preston. We rode to explore the hill country of southeastern Ohio. We checked out Hocking Hills State Park and explored Old Man's Cave. We also walked around the ancient Native American burial mounds at Serpent Mound State Park.

Preston at Old Man's Cave.
Preston at the Upper Falls.
Preston on a ledge.
Preston at Serpent Mound.

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