Long's Peak, CO - October 27, 2005

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Introduction note: When I(Joe) was fourteen my family took a month-long camping vacation out west from Ohio. One of the highlights of the trip was when we stayed at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and climbed Long's Peak (14,255'). My father and two of my sisters, Maria and Martha all made the long round trip to the summit. Well twenty-seven years later I had a chance to play again on that great mountain. Christine had a business conference in Boulder and she invited me to tag along. Being alone during the day gave me the opening I needed. I had no intention of reaching the summit alone this late in the year, but a mild fall encourage me to try to reach the Keyhole, a prominent landmark near the summit. I got a much later start than recommended, not hitting the trailhead until 8:00 AM, but I made the Keyhole and was back at the car by 3:00.

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Approach to Long's Peak.
Crossing Boulder Field.
Joe approaching Keyhole.
Fried Egg route marker at Keyhole.
Looking back through Keyhole.
Boulder Field from Keyhole.
Trough below Keyhole.




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