Hunting & Fishing - 2009

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Introduction note: This year I paired up with Marco Cortes to hunt for elk as a team. I did not put in for an antelope tag this year so I was really counting on bagging an elk again to put meat in the freezer. Marco and I both drew (lottery) tags for Little Mountain, where I had been successful last year. The convenience of being able to day hunt this area is a real advantage. We spent six days hunting over a month and finally bagged a cow and calf elk at the same time. If we'd had 'bull' tags, we would have been finished during the first hour of hunting on the first day when two 5x5 bulls came within 50 yards of us with the wind and sun in our favor. Regardless, it was a good season of hunting and the freezer has meat for another year.

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Joe's cow elk - November 12, 2009


My favorite fishing partner is Phillip Luzmoor, and late fall/winter is the most productive time to fish for rainbow trout on Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Below is a fine catch of 2-4 lb rainbows taken December 12th.

Phillip holding a 4-pounder with Coco at his side.
Joe with the shared catch.

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