Grand Targhee - February 14-18, 2008

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Introduction note: Kirk invited us to join him for a long President's Day weekend at his mother's cabin in Tetonia, ID. Our friend Marco drive me and Christine up to the west side of the Tetons so we could ski Grand Targhee. The pictures below show the secret beauty of Teton Valley in Idaho. The skiing was also great, though we neglected to get any skiing photos. The views from the cabin were tremendous, especially at dusk.

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That is Grand Teton mountain (13,770') to the east of us from the top of Grand Targhee Ski Area.
Kirk, Marco, Joe, & The Grand.
Kirk's 'perfect' dog, Cache.
Marco's Murano in the barrow ditch. A local farmer towed him out with a tractor.
Approaching The Grand.
The Grand from Targhee.
View of The Grand bathed in alpenglow from our cabin.


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