FOBs in Park City - February 24 - March 3, 2009

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Introduction note: The Friends Of Brad gathered once again in Park City, UT to celebrate the memory of our dear friend, Brad Munroe. We rented a couple houses, side by side, and mixed in a fair amount of skiing and partying. Why are there no pictures of Greg?

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At The Canyons:
Mike, Christine, Joe, & Chuck.
Joe Midolo & Nancy.
Mike, Christine, Steve, Nancy, & Joe - apres ski at Smokies.
At Snowbird & Park City:
In line at the Snowbid Tram.
John & Steve.
Sunning on the Deck in Park City
At the HOUSE:
Jackie, Mike H., Christine, & Joe.
John, Chappy, & Scott.
Jackie - the grillmaster.
Mike C. & Christine.
Joe & Mike C.
Mike H., Chappy, Steve, John, & Joe M.
Magic Bus :
Our own private DD shuttle.


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