FOBs in Park City - February 26 - March 2, 2008

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Introduction note: Many of you know that we tragically lost a very dear friend last summer during a motorcycle trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Brad Munroe was one of those very special people that you might be lucky to count amongst your life-long friends. Christine and I certainly felt that way, and apparently, so did many more of his friends. The reverberation of his passing was felt by all his friends, and resulted in a unifying force that brought many of us together for a FOB (Friends Of Brad) ski trip in Park City, UT. Many of his New England friends flew out to join us in a massive house party, and weeklong celebration--as Brad would surely have it.

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FOBs (Friends Of Brad):

1st Row: Harlan, Nancy, Kevin, Joe M., Mike C.

2nd Row: Kip, Gwynn, ?, Jackie, Christine, Scott, Mike H., Jason

3rd Row: Dave, Beth, Carlyn, Kirk, Gwen, Joe L., Chuck.

At The Canyons:
Kirk, Joe, Scott, Chuck & Mike.
Beth, Kevin, & Christine.
Joe & Harlan.
Apres Ski at The Canyons (Smokies)
Chuck, Kirk, Christine, Joe, Kevin, Jason, Mike, & Scott.
Kevin & Beth.
Christine, Joe, Kevin, Jason, Mike, & Scott.
At the HOUSE:
Joe & Kirk.
Cronin, Henson, & Midolo--taking people's money.
Kirk, Chuck, Scott, & Mike--more please!
Pasta night.
Harlan & Kip.
Kirk (orange) guides the FOBs at Snowbird.
Our 9th wedding anniversary out with FOBs at Bajio:
The anniversary couple.
Lounging at the Side Car:
Joe M., Joe L., & Christine.
Harlan, Kip, Nancy, Kevin, & Beth.
Jason, Mike H., Scott, & Gwen.
Gwen, Jason, & Mike C.
Michelle, Chuck, Mike C., Joe M., & Mike H.
Jason, Chuck, & Mike C.


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