Climbing in Wyoming - May 16-17, 2009

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Introduction note: I (Joe) am scheduled to climb Grand Teton Mountain (The Grand) in Grand Teton National Park the weekend of August 21-23 this summer. At 13,770' it is not the tallest mountain I have ever climbed, nor is it even the tallest mountain in Wyoming, but it is the most dangerous. The vertical exposure is significant, and the weather can be deadly. This makes The Grand a technical climb due to the need for roped climbing with use of protection (cams and nuts, etc.). We plan to take the Upper Exum route, not the easiest route to the summit, and not even close to being the hardest route. Descending from the summit involves two lengthy rappels. I am a novice climber, so I am taking advantage of opportunities to climb with experienced climbers often this summer. The climbing team for The Grand includes our friend, Kirk, from Salt Lake City (also a novice); our friend, Marco, who summited The Grand in 2007, as our guide; and Stephanie, who has had two failed attempts (bad weather) at The Grand, and is a very experienced climber eager to bag this summit. The four of us will climb together several times this summer to build confidence in each other.

The following photos are from a beautiful weekend in May climbing in the Green River area. The first set of pictures were taken at COLLEGE ROCK. These short sport routes are great for coaching and learning. The next day we climbed the mixed 5.8 route to the top of PULPIT ROCK (160') and then rapelled off the back side of it.

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College Rock:  
Pulpit Rock:      
Pulpit Rock.
Climbers approaching Pulpit Rock.
Marco leads with Kirk on belay.
Marco belays Kirk from a mid-cliff belay station.
Joe climbing up toward Marco.
Joe climbing up to and past Marco.
Rapelling off the east cliff: Marc, ...
... Lorna, ...
... Joe, ...
... Stephanie, ...
... & Marco.


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